9 Ways to Cross a Railway I

Book, 36" x 72"
Fred A. Hillbruner Artists Book Fellowship Recipient, 2012.
Exhibited in North Park Art Walk. Chicago, IL, 2011.
Finalist and Honorable Mention in 9th Annual ArtFutura. 2011.
Exhibited in 9th Annual ArtFutura. Chicago, IL, 2011.
Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist, 2011.
YoYo Magazine, Issue 2: At Zero, 2011.

This guidebook for elephants responds to a Times of India article describing an accident in India in which a speeding goods train mowed down 7 elephants at a go-slow zone in September 2010. The instructions are crafted from a careful rearrangement of the words from the article and is intended as advice for elephants who need to cross a train track. Threading the cross narratives between the event and the instructions, a plea for wildlife conservation is made.

Times of India article, which was used as the primary source, can be found here.