Technical Report of Parque Nacional de Cordillera Azul

Book, 6" x 9"

Parque Nacional de Cordillera Azul is located in north-central Peru. Since the exploration of the land by Inca Empire and Spanish, the region has been exploited due to relentless human use such as the expansion of the agricultural frontier, mining, hunting, fishing and land trafficking. After 28 unknown-to-science species of plants and animals in the preserve were discovered, the region was finally declared as a national park in 2001, and it is now the second largest national park in Peru.In 2001, Rapid Biological Inventories was published as a result of the efforts of the scientists to identify the important biological communities in the region. The original report had vast amount of information, but much of them wasn’t organized in an effective way, and readers were overwhelmed and confused. Selected contents of Rapid Biological Inventories are re-presented in this book in order to be more easily and clearly comprehended both by scientists and non-scientists. Circle graphs are replaced to overflowing numbers. Also, graph paper-like grid is adopted in a place where scientific or numerical data is laid so that it creates the separation of spaces with the upper area where general information is placed.

Rapid Biological Inventories can be downloaded here.